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Dear all,

It is with great emotion that I write to tell you that Marshall Rosenberg passed from this life 3 days ago, on Saturday, February 7th.

It was recently discovered that he had late stage prostate cancer. He passed peacefully at home, with his wife Valentina - who shared the news with me a few minutes ago - and all his children by his side.

I know no way to describe the impact this man had on so many people - for his work and for his being, and for the extraordinary power the balance between these two unleashed. He was a beloved teacher to countless people on every continent, people whose hearts were touched and shone with the possibility his work made tangible.

To many of you reading he was also an inspired and inspiring colleague who changed the course of your lives and brought an inestimable sense of meaning and the potential for transformation to every area of your world. And who, at each moment, did this with utmost simplicity, humility and humanness.

In great mourning, and with the most profound reverence and soaring gratitude for the spirit he released in us, and whose light we carry forwards,

President, CNVC Board


A gathering to honor the life of Marshall Rosenberg will be held Saturday evening,February 28th at 7 PM at the Unity Church of Portland, 4525 SE. Stark St., 97215.

You are invited to gather and celebrate the life and work of the founder of NVC. If you have something that you would like to share with the rest of the community (music, a song, a poem, a video, etc.), please contact Joe Mitchell at 503-233-2310 orjjmit@comcast.net.

A donation will be requested to cover the cost of renting the Unity Sanctuary.

Parking is available across the street to the north of Unity Church.

The Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication (ORNCC) is sponsoring a free community gathering to celebrate the life and teachings of the founder of Nonviolent Communication Marshall Rosenberg, who died February 7, 2015. 

WHERE: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 1300 Pearl St., Eugene 97401

WHEN:  Thursday, April 9, 2015 from 7 to 9 pm

Dr. Rosenberg founded the Center for Nonviolent Communication (cnvc.org) and for more than forty years traveled the world teaching the self-awareness and communication skills he developed.  He changed the lives of many thousands of people, and left as part of his legacy teachers and groups of people learning and practicing the skills he developed that contribute to peace and compassion. People whose lives were enriched by Marshall’s teachings are invited to come together to celebrate Marshall and to acknowledge his contribution to their lives. 
This event will also be an opportunity for participants to join in creating a more engaged and active NVC community in the Eugene-Springfield area, dedicated to learning and spreading the teachings and consciousness of Compassionate Communication.

ORNCC board members welcome co-founder Bryn Hazell and others from Bend who will share the experience of co-creating their NVC community in Central Oregon, which is celebrating more than ten years in existence.  The Central Oregon team will participate in a discussion and planning session with the intention of inspiring and supporting a vibrant and sustainable NVC community in the Eugene-Springfield area.
So that we can plan for the number of attendees, we would appreciate your contacting us at secretary@orncc.net to let us know you plan to come.

Join us in celebrating Marshall Rosenberg and helping to continue his work toward a more peaceful and alive world.

The ORNCC Board

Approximately 30 people attended the Second Annual ORNCC Picnic which was facilitated by Sara Peyton at Minto-Brown River Park in Salem Oregon on September 6th, 2014.


Participants came from Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, Ashland, Salem, Vancouver Washington and Victoria BC.

Small picnicgroup discussions were lead by four CNVC certifed trainers (Selene Aitken, Gary Baran, Fred Sly and Sarah Peyton) as well as Tim Buckley of Salem.


Topics included self empathy, communicating with adult children, connection/collaborating, the basics/changing old patterns and an Oregon Prison Project update.


As reported by the particpants, needs met included connection, community, contribution, learning, growth, hope, play, inspiration, being seen and heard, warmth, choice, empathy, peace, joy, nature, resonance, empathy, self empathy, resonance, support, companionship and understanding.


We ended the day with ice cream and a report of needs met as well as evaluation forms.


Many reported that it was "too dang hot" referring to

a) other participants?  

b) the topics of discussion?  or

c) the weather?  




This is a test, just a test of the Emergency Empathy Service.  In case of a real emergency, please shower all present with empathy.  Then some more empathy.  If that fails, try empathy and empathy and empathy.


Right!  It was the weather that was too dang hot!  Maximum temperature was 97 or so.  Fortunately there was a gentle breeze blowing through our shady outdoor shelter.


ORNCC is currently building a new website with improved functionality and clarity with hopes for more connection, collaboration, community, learning, information, sharing and inspiration.


If you would like to organize an event in your local community with ORNCC sponsorship (providing a little money to help with an event or providing a trainer for an NVC underserved population), let us know.


We are looking for new board members for 2015-2016.  Interested?  Contact us.


Sally Suzanne Marie, ORNCC Board President
Empathy as the basis for action is the key to a better world.


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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication process developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg which creates a vision of the world in which everyone's needs are met peacefully through relationships guided by compassion. The Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication (ORNCC) promotes the growth and practice of NVC in Oregon and southwest Washington.
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